Meet Kaletta's Team

Our talented team at Kaletta’s has an abundance of creativity and gifts we're excited to share.

Jacqueline Bortner 

"I am really excited that Kaletta’s will be a part of the renaissance taking place in Downtown York. My goal for Kaletta’s is to provide a unique selection of home décor, clothing, jewelry and accessories that reflect our guest's passions."

 Be governed by value like a fine piece of china. The way you present yourself deserves great care. -Unknown


Joan Bainbridge

"My goal at Kaletta’s is to make our guest feel better than they did before they walked in the door. I am here to provide a pleasant shopping experience that will last forever."


Laugh more. Gripe less. Ignore critics. Say yes! Order dessert. Love Life.                   -Gretchen Scott


Jennifer Glassmyer

"If a guest comes into Kaletta’s without a smile, I will give them one of mine."

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. -Thich Nhat Hanh


Jodie Strausbaugh

"I look forward to greeting Kaletta’s guest's with2 a warm smile and kind heart. Listening to guest needs and finding a gift that is perfect for each guest is my goal."

Asyria Sweeney

"I am a York College student and my role is Kaletta's Administrative Assistant.  This has included teaching the team to navigate their technology system,  renovate the property and be a part of opening a store.  I'm looking forward to expanding my  knowledge in behind the scenes retail".